Strobe for Clinics: January 23, 2016 Amplified Harp Clinic

In January, Strobe welcomes…Amplified Harp Clinic January 23, 2016 with Martin Lang

Martin_BWHarmonica players are invited to join Martin Lang, Chicago-based blues harmonica player on Delmark Records and Random Chance Records, for discussion of fundamentals and advanced harp techniques, on January 23, 2016, at Strobe Recording Studio, 2631 W. Division St., Chicago, IL, from 11am-6pm.

This is the first-ever clinic by Lang, who recently released Grammy-balloted debut solo album Chicago Harp Blues Sessions, made a name as Taildragger’s (Bluesman on Delmark Records) harmonica player for over twenty-two years, as well as performing on over a dozen records on artists ranging from Chicago’s Rockin’ Johnny to Willie Buck. Lang has performed at numerous Chicago Blues Fests and toured overseas, bringing traditional Chicago blues harmonica to wider audiences. Lang uses Filisko harmonicas.

Students can learn how to develop fundamentals and increased confidence and success on the bandstand. Certain harp lovers are travelling from as far as St. Louis, Mo. and Minneapolis, Mn. to hear what Lang has to share. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own rig to the event. Special musical guests at the clinic are Taildragger and Rockin’ Johnny (Delmark Records).

To reserve your place at the clinic, or for more information, contact Cost of the all-day clinic is $150 USD, via PayPal or check. Attendees must RSVP in advance: space is limited to 15 students.

For more information, see our CLINICS page.

Strobe as Video Shoot: Featuring Carla Prather “Goodbye” Video

Strobe Recording Studio was thrilled to provide space, lighting, grand piano, mixing board and tape machines to make the video for Carla Prather. Carla’s single “Goodbye” on Chicago’s CAUDog Records label features Producer Ellis Clark, Saxophonist Mars Williams, their band and special guests Ary and Phoebe Paloma on vocals.


Look in the video for Strobe’s analog tape machine!

Strobe Records The Van Goghs

Check out the digital release “Take It In The Teeth / Hello” we did with The Van Goghs:

Strobe Records The Picturebooks (Germany) for Daytrotter Session during Riotfest 2014


Strobe Recording had a great time recording these 3 songs for Germany’s own The Picturebooks during 2014 Riot Fest in Chicago. Engineered by James Frederick Wagner and Kyle Schroeder at Strobe on Sept 16th, 2014. Thanks again to Sean Moeller at Daytrotter and Claus, Flynn and Phillip for a great session!

Click Here to hear it on Daytrotter.

Strobe Recording is located in Humboldt Park, the neighborhood by the same name as the official Humboldt Park, a 200+ acre recreational space, which hosted Riotfest 2014.

Drum Tracking and Percussion Sounds- Plus Pedal Steel!

Here we are in the studio recording drums and percussion with Joe Adamik, Colin McGeehan, Rebecca F. and James Frederick Wagner. We’re bringing together all the key components for the talented songwriter, Rebecca F., who is in Strobe Recording Studio working on her full-length album.

Plus, we connected with the music by tracking Brian Wilkie on Pedal Steel, Acoustic and Electric Leads.