Aram Shelton
Andre Williams (Bloodshot)Andrew Diehl
Bakelite 78
Big Breakfast
Blah Blah Blah
Blue Line Riders
Blue Lorraine
Broken Radio
Cancellation Prize
Chicago Talking Machine
Mysteriam/Corbit Longsford
Devil in a Woodpile
Damn Choir
Dave Rempis
Days Off
Dirt Box Racers
Dragons 1976
Eric Esden
Eric Noden & Joe Filisko
Flesh Tantrum
For Pilots
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Frank Rosaly
Hannah Frank Group
Hoyle Brothers
Ian Schneller (Falstaf)
James Falzone
Jeb Bishop
Jeff Parker
Jeremy Porter
Jim Riley
Johnny Rabb
John Toomey
Jorrit Dijkstra
Kate Quinby
Kelly Hogan and Wooden Leg
Labycz/Roebke Due
Lucky 7’s
Matt Campbell
Mark Lavengood
Mars Williams
Meet the Head
Mike Reed’s Loose Assembly
The Northern SkyNora O’Connor
Oy Vey
Pan American Pantastic Four
Paper Airplane Pilots
Prince Jesse
Red Plastic Buddahs
Rick Younglove
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Sarah & The Tall Boys
Shanta Loecker
Special 20’s
Terry White
The Arks
The Genuflectors
The Pralines
Top Shelf Lickers
Trevor McSpaddenValentine Trio (Fred Longhorn)
Vell Mullens
My Damn Butterfy
Andon Davis
Preston Gerrard
Second Hand Poets
Naomi Ashley
Little Miss Ann
Kevin O’Donnell
Record Labels:

Lost In America Music
Kranky Records
Bloodshot Records
Delmark Records
482 Music

Other Clients:

Bucktown Arts Festival
Drum 365
Ludwig Drums
Phrenology Festival
Red Moon Theatre Company
Pitchfork Festival

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