Strobe Recording Rates:

  • 2” and ½” Analog  (does NOT include tape cost/ call for tape price): $500 day/$55 hr
  • Digital (ProTools):  $400 day/$45 hr
  • Hybrid Analog/Digital* (includes tape rental):  $475 day/$55hr

General Info

  • Analog recording includes tape machine calibration and setup, 5 Hour Minimum
  • Full days are generally 10-12 Hour maximum
  • 3 Hour Minimum for all sessions
  • Email or call for special project and discounted rates based on block bookings
  • All rates include a Strobe staff engineer and assistant

What is Strobe Recordings Hybrid Analog/Digital Recording Technique?

This recording technique allows our clients the ability to track and record to the rich and warm sounds of analog tape while still maintaining the cost and functional benefits from the digital realm (AKA ProTools).  This process records/tracks the performances directly to analog tape while simultaneously sending the post tape output from the tape head directly into Digidesign ProTools (via the “Repro” head).  This technique does not require purchasing expensive analog tape as all the tape costs are included in day and hourly rates.


Please feel free to inquire to info@stroberecording.com for more information on this recording technique and to answer any questions you have.

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